President’s Message

Indeed, it is a shame not to in person meet. However, the benefits do not exceed the risks. We may be able to get our ability to stage a Zoom meeting again and will let you know if that is possible. Please watch your emails for that possibility.

There are some signs that the current wave is peaking so we hold out hope that next month we can in good conscience meet again in person on February 15th.

In the meantime, I have heard from the Houston club that they are looking for ideas and indeed a host club for the 2022 Texas T Party. If you have any ideas of a location, please share them with me and I will pass them on.

I have enjoyed two short drives in “Pieces”, my 1921 Model T Touring, to the hardware store and to get a haircut. It is running well and safely, after I air up the tires to their specified 55 psi. For the most part they hold, but over time they lose some. Because I have to go down a long and somewhat steep hill where I once slid a tire around on the rim and sliced a valve stem, which of course I did not realize until I came back out of the hardware store to observe a flat tire, I am pretty disciplined now to keep them aired up.

How about another shout out on the great work that Pat Goodson and Jill did on the Christmas party! It was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed Jill’s banana bread and hope that she will share the recipe with us. Hearing the Pinnelli and Cartwright stories of the history of the Fleming Hospital was quite a treat also.

Despite some rumors to the contrary, spring is going to come, which presents us with the opportunity to tour with the fun of driving and getting together. Do you have an idea for a tour? Let’s hear it, please.

We also would like to share our knowledge and skills as well as improve them with some tech sessions. Do you know of someone that could benefit from having us visit and hopefully improve or repair a T? Let’s do it.

My garage building project slowly advances. I mean two out of the three windows finally arrived in tact. The third one was shattered when they opened up the truck. Argh! Its replacement is rumored to be here as early as Feb. 7th. In the meantime, I have made a decision to order the metal roofing and see if I can hire a grown grandson, Jackson Carter, whom you met on the Wimberley tour, to install it.

The tractor repair project in the dried in, electrically lit, garage is virtually done successfully. Now, do any of you have a belly mower you would like to sell for that model IH 154 Lo Boy ?

Another T idea that has occurred to me from reading the club magazines, is to reach out to the area high schools and offer to have a T visit and short talk on the history of the Model T. Are any of you interested in that? It is of course an excellent way to have younger folks have an opportunity to see and learn about the Model T. Alex, should we come to your class?

Just some ideas while thinking.
I hope to be able to see you all soon.

Tom Romberg, President