President’s Message 2023

March 2023

CenTex Tin Lizzie Members,

Hello Cen-Tex Tin Lizzie Club members. Spring is springing! The flowers and fruit trees are all abloom. The new leaves are all pretty and green. I love this time of the year.
The new left knee is healing very well thank you. I will join you at the meeting Tuesday evening, maybe using a cane, but able to move quite well with no pain and only an occasional throb when I move too much.

March Madness is a fun time for me.

This Saturday we have the Jeff Treadwell restoration clinic at his home, 12110 Fitzhugh Place, Dripping Springs, at 10:00 with lunch provided in exchange for our brilliant suggestions and perhaps laying on of hands to restore full function to his Model T.

I happened to receive and read some of my March/ April issue of Vintage Ford magazine from Model T Ford Club of America this past week. In it there is an article whose title is “Grandfather’s Old Sedan”. It is right on point for our visit to Jeff’s this Saturday and as such is a good homework assignment before we get there. Rachel Hughes, the Executive Director of the Club helped me remember where it was and sent me a scan, which I will try to include for you.

I had a good conversation with Britanie concerning our communications activities. She is going to get us listed in the Model T International’s magazine as a club with contact information. Please let us know if you are a I Club member. It will help get us listed. We also are going to try and have every Model T Club in Texas send Bob Ross a copy of their newsletters so that he can forward them on to each of our members. That will hopefully give us the opportunity to read about the activities around the state in a timely manner.

While on the subject, we also would like to have each member have a copy of the current mailing list in a form that is easy to use so that they can send along anything of interest to the whole club. By everyone having an up to date copy we are better assured that any communication will reach everyone and that any such are not restricted by having anyone else send it out. The Jeff notice and the Drew car notice is a case in point. No fault is intended here, just a desire to make it easier to have more communication.

Along the same thinking line we ought to check and see that we have a schedule posted on our website with the calendar events noted as best we know them. A simple listing of future events can also be in each newsletter.

Have a wellness report, a show and tell, a car report, a tour idea, or an idea of how to serve and grow our membership?

Bring them all to the meeting to share.

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday evening, at 5:30 for supper and 7:00 for the meeting at the Catfish Parlor on Ben White, March 21.

Tom Romberg

February 2023

CenTex Tin Lizzie Members,

My goodness things have certainly picked up the pace for us since we returned from 34 days on the Antarctic Cruise, which by the way, was a wonderful trip. We especially enjoyed seeing the icebergs up close along with the whales, penguins, sealions, albatrosses, and beautiful scenery. We crossed the Drake Passage twice, the first was relatively smooth. The second was not, causing mal de mar among many, us included. So, I do not need to go through the Drake Passage anymore, thank you. We even were able to tour an antique car museum. If I can figure out how to share many pictures, I will look forward to doing so.

Back home, two of our children were kind enough to withhold the bad news of their sister’s discovery of a return of breast cancer which has metastasized and is aggressive. This all reminds us that life is a gift and fragile. We are taking it one day at a time.

The yard, of course, is a huge mess, but there were no injuries to our home. Our granddaughter had a tree limb puncture a skylight. Our power was out for a while, but we had no spoilage. Our middle daughter , her daughter and two friends cleared the driveway and walkway enough to be passable with tools and chainsaws. Afterwards, my daughter called us onboard ship and exclaimed “who needs men!”

The heat was off, but it was no matter since no one was living inside. I was able to get it fully functional upon my return with some relatively minor repairing.

So, now, I am in full prep mode for my left knee to be replaced on Feb. 27.

Thankfully, Centex Model T members have been active lining up future program speakers, sharing ideas on how to make our hobby grow in our area, and carrying on in my absence.
The information about this year’s Texas T Party in Rockport October 18-21 is slowly becoming known. The base hotel is already sold out, but many more are available. We need to greatly improve our communication so that the Club members have a more timely knowledge of statewide events.

The tour application and information is at

I hope that many of you will take advantage of it and attend.

One of the ideas being kicked around is that a list of those that would like to go and participate could be made and then matched up with those of us who plan to go and share the fun. Which of you would like to do that? Who does not have a Model T or whose is not going to be ready and would like to have a partner to ride with? Let’s make it happen.

Tuesday, I have word that Ross Lilleker is delivering a car to Leander and will join us for supper and perhaps our meeting. You might like to see him and visit.

Britanie and Glen have some thoughts while thinking about how to shore up our interest in our Model T hobby. Ideas like teaming up for a trip, assistance with trailering, a scholarship for a student, school visits, improvement of our identity (logo sharing, business cards, identity materials, etc.), maybe building a car project to sell or have available, more tours, more restoration clinics, etc. have been mentioned. Let’s talk about it at the meeting.

Share wellness reports at the meeting.

Bring a “show and tell” item that is interesting to you.

Share a “car status report”.

I look forward to seeing you Tuesday evening, at 5:30 for supper and 7:00 for the meeting at the Catfish Parlor on Ben White, February 21.

Tom Romberg

January 2023

Greetings Model T’ers!

This President’s message is coming from the Vice President due to Tom being out of the country on a well-deserved vacation.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Day! I am so looking forward to spring and some great T weather. As I was contemplating this letter, Cynthia and I were in Beaver Creek, Colorado. There is a lot of snow there this time of year. My thoughts were how short their T season would be and there is not more than 100 yards of flat terrain at any place. This area would definitely present some challenges for a lot of Model T’s.

Cynthia and I have now been members of this club for 10 years. We have really enjoyed the friendships we have developed, and it has made keeping Tootsie in good shape much easier. This club is a wealth of information and know-how when it comes to Model T’s. I would personally like to thank you all for the help you have given us in our quest to enjoy our car.

The Christmas Party held on December 10th was a fabulous outing, well attended and enjoyed by all. It was held in downtown Martindale. Thanks Carlton for accommodating us. Thanks also to Britanie for heading up the Christmas party committee and her efforts in making it a fun event! She made sure every detail was perfect. All the members really enjoyed the tour of the Hupmobile building.

We are looking forward to 2023 with anticipation and positivity that we will all have a great new year!
Steve Hadorn, Vice President